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9 Tips for saving energy

Updated: Jan 24

Por Carolina - Legal - 7 min de lectura

As we well know, 2021 has started with a fairly notable rise in electricity in Spain and Filomena and the cold wave do not help to save a bit. That’s why we are going to give you some tips so you can save without getting cold!

Review your contract and / or change company

  • The first thing we recommend is to review your contract and check if it meets your current needs and try to use the rate with time discrimination since the most expensive prices for electricity are after table hours (14-17h) and dinner (21- 10pm). Also that you contemplate changing companies in order to save more on the rate. You can easily do it by clicking here.

Check the electrical installation

  • Checking the electrical installation and insulating the home are also good ways to prevent a large expense on the electricity bill. Let’s not forget that heat escapes through the windows and that a bad installation makes consumption higher. You can check the energy efficiency of your home by clicking here.


  • The importance of natural light is something that is not taken much into account despite its weight. The sun warms the windows and our home. It is advisable to raise the blinds when the sun is shining and when it starts to get dark, lower the blinds and close the curtains to keep warm.

LED bulbs

  • Use LED bulbs as they consume very little.

Close doors

  • Something that is not usually done but that we should, is to have the doors of the rooms that are not usually used closed and close the radiator.

Unplug electrical appliances

  • Another thing that is not taken into account or that we underestimate is the expense of electrical appliances in stand-by. Did you know that if you unplug chargers, the TV, etc., by not using them, you can save up to 7% of electricity consumption?

Home temperature does matter

  • Keeping the house in winter with a temperature between 19º and 21º is considered the ideal since it thus achieves great savings.

Adapt the decoration

  • Adapting the decoration is also important, it is not the same to step on a cold floor than a thick and warm carpet or have a radiator partially covered since we do not take advantage of its full potential. Thick, dark curtains are better for winter as they retain heat more, and in summer they are better light and clear.

Renewable energy

  • Fortunately, renewable energies are within our reach and we can take advantage of them not only to save, but also to contribute our bit to avoid aggravating climate change.

We hope that you have liked our advice, that you can put it into practice and that it is reflected in your invoices to make the situation more bearable. If you liked the article, comment and share!

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