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Advantages of registering on our website Inmoself Proptech

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Some advantages of registering on our website

At Inmoself we want to promote private to private sales, and that is why we offer some advantages of registering for free on our platform that differentiate us.

We do not want to get in the way or charge commissions. We want to help you sell your property paying as little as possible and for this reason we give you the purchase manual for free, where we explain how the purchase process is, what documentation is necessary and what steps must be followed.

In addition, we have gathered certain services in our store so that you can buy all the necessary documentation for the process, so you will not have to be registered in fifty different sites or pay more. You have everything at your fingertips.

We not only focus on buying and selling, our platform can also help you manage your properties, either by asking for an alarm budget, a plan to reform your property or to help you with the rental of your property (tenant solvency report, rental contract...)

Inmoself with the environment

With the digitization of our services we also contribute to the environment in various ways, such as reducing travel or printing fewer documents. This happens because most of our services do not require a physical presence and are focused on being able to manage everything remotely. For example, with the online signing of contracts.

When you register you have a cloud to upload all the documentation you have about your property and be able to upload the new one without difficulties.

In summary…

Inmoself provides you with the digital route to remotely manage the sale of real estate or property management. Remember that among the many advantages of registering on our platform, you will have access to:

  • Free purchase manual

  • Cloud for property legal documents

  • Possibility of installing remote opening lock

  • Access to services that are usually reserved for professionals

  • Competitive price and without charging commissions

  • Environmentally friendly and coronavirus measures

  • And most importantly, you do it without real estate (unless you want to request the traditional real estate service)

Below we leave you the video tutorial for registering on the web and purchasing services, so you can see what awaits you behind.

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