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Discover the steps to take to process an inheritance

Updated: Jan 24

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As if it were not enough to manage emotions and legal preparation to receive the inheritance, other problems also end up arising, either with family or legal. Here are some tips that may be useful to you.

*Our explanations on the blog have no legal validity, it is merely informative. If you have legal doubts, we recommend you purchase the inheritance processing service in our store.

Step 1 – Death Certificate

The first step is to acquire the Death Certificate, that official document that confirms the death of the deceased. It can be purchased in person at the Civil Registry, you can send a letter, or it can be purchased online.

Step 2- Certificate of last wills

Afterwards, the acquisition of the Certificate of Last Wills with the most recent date of registration is needed, since in it we will be able to discover if the person had a will or not, and if so, in which notary.

It will be then when we can go to the Notary and find out who the designated heirs are and if we are one of them.

Step 3 – Certificate of Insurance

Acquisition of the Certificate of Insurance, certification that confirms the life insurance that the deceased had contracted.

Step 4 – Obtaining the Will

Once the previous steps have been carried out, you can proceed to obtain the will and, if there is no will, the declaration of heirs.

Step 5 – Inventory and participation of the inheritance

To be able to divide the inheritance between the different heirs, an inventory of all the assets, rights and debts left by the deceased person must first be carried out.

Step 6 – Liquidation and taxes

Before six months after death, payment of the Inheritance and Gift Tax must be made, although an extension with interest can be requested.

In the case of inheritance of real estate, the Tax on the Value of Urban Land or Municipal Capital Gain must also be settled. The amount of said taxes will depend on the autonomous community and the municipality of the corresponding property.

In such difficult times, we understand that the last thing you want is to think about managing all these procedures, that is why we take care of obtaining all the certificates and documents for you, and we accompany you throughout the process in order to streamline it and make it as bearable as possible.

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