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How to keep your house cool in summer with the maximum possible savings

Being locked in a room when it's sweltering hot can be horrible. Luckily, there are many ways you can freshen up a room. Even if you don't have air conditioning, you can adjust the windows and maximize airflow in the room so it doesn't get too hot.

At Inmoself we care about you and the environment, that's why we want to show you different economic ways to keep your house cool in summer with the maximum possible savings.

Lower the blinds

Keep the windows and curtains closed while the sun is out, this is key, especially during the hottest hours of the day. About 30% of the heat enters through the windows. Windows that face south and west get the most heat during the day, so make sure they are closed while the sun is out.

Ventilate at the right times

The best times to ventilate the home are very early in the morning or in the evening, since the temperature is lower. Cool air will flow through the room cooling it down a bit and lowering the temperature.

Take advantage of the doors

By that we mean that it is better to close the spaces that you are not occupying. If you will not be occupying other rooms in your house, you should close the doors to contain more cold air in the room you are in.

*This will only work if the fan or air conditioner is in the room you are currently occupying.

Change the sheets

The house, like us, needs a wardrobe change in summer. It is time to save the fur and wool blankets, as well as the flannel sheets, until next winter and replace them with fresh cotton ones.

Opt for light colors before dark ones, as the latter retain more heat than the former by absorbing more light energy.


Pick up all clutter. Piles of clothing and other types of clutter will absorb heat and keep it trapped in the room. The less clutter in the room, the more space available to diffuse heat and the faster it cools down. A large clutter can also limit airflow, making the room feel even hotter. She puts all the piles of clothes on the floor in the closet and closes her door.

Be careful with appliances

Electronic equipment and appliances (such as computers, stoves, televisions, and dryers) can heat up a room. If you are not going to use these items, turn them off or unplug them. If you can, turn on electrical appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine during the coolest part of the day.


A dehumidifier will reduce the humidity level in a room and can cool you down. Buy a dehumidifier online and turn it on in the room you want to cool. If you are not sure if the humidity in your room is high, a humidistat can be useful to measure it.

Home decor

  • Avoid synthetic materials in objects such as rugs, and opt for fabrics such as cotton.

  • The color of the walls is also important: in the hot months, opt for colors. bright and replace traditional light bulbs with LED lights.

  • As we have mentioned before, blinds and curtains are also important, as they can reduce heat input into a home.

  • If your budget allows it, you can insulate the floor, wall and ceiling of the house, using wooden frames and low-e glass. This can reduce the temperature of the house up to 7 ºC


Plants are responsible for absorbing heat and therefore lower the ambient temperature. Aloe vera, fern or rubber tree are great alternatives. You can also plant vines or bougainvillea to grow on the front of your house. They constitute a good barrier against the sun.

On the other hand, if you have a garden, terrace or patio, it is necessary to water the ground frequently to cool it down, since it is a part that retains a lot of heat.

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