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Personal branding and Rock with Pere Maymi

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We have heard this term several times but we still do not know what it is exactly, understand a little more what it is in this post in which we have Pere Maymi, an expert in personal branding.

Personal branding

Personal branding is an Anglo-Saxon term to refer to personal branding, that is, considering oneself as a brand. It is the way in which other people perceive you thanks to every action you do, communicate and transmit on a daily basis both in the digital environment and offline.

The concept of personal branding emerged in business literature in the US, devised by Tom Peters in 1999.

Because it is important?

If you find testimonials from other people supporting a company, you buy without much fear. But if you see hardly any reviews or testimonials from the same site, the level of distrust increases. If there are many complaints on the internet, mistrust skyrockets. That is why having a high level of credibility is important.

Another example of credibility and personal branding could be Pablo Motos, the famous journalist who has lost credibility on a large scale. On the opposite side we could find Rafa Nadal, a very loved character throughout Spain.

If we start to analyze the athlete's personal brand, we can see how he wanted to maintain similarities with what any person who is not famous or wealthy would do. He is shown as a simple person, who is not above anyone, who is kind and polite, he is shown to be human, recognizing his "weaknesses" and manages to generate a lot of empathy.

We can say that Rafa Nadal's personal brand is very well built and solidified, we believe in his quality as a person and athlete.

Rock&Brand by Pere Maymi

These are just brushstrokes of what will be discussed in the interview with Pere Maymi, author of the book Rock&Brand.

Rock&Brand is a book for all those readers who are curious and want to learn about the disciplines of marketing and branding from a plain and uncomplicated language.

“Branding is the way that organizations have to make something vibrate inside people.

And vibrating is the melody of good rock.”

Pere Maymi, expert in personal branding, will be interviewed by Verónica Parellada, both follow an innovative model based on commercial behavior in the US. Don't miss it, on Wednesday 12/16/2020.

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Pere Maymi Verónica Parellada

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