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Proptech applications in the real estate world

Today's world is becoming more and more like those science fiction movies we watched as children. Technology is advancing very quickly, which is why at Inmoself we want to adapt to the possibilities that this evolution offers us.

Next we will explain a little more about proptech, the metaverse and our proposal!

Introduction to proptech

The term proptech is used to group innovations and the application of new technologies in the real estate sector. This union is very important since it can greatly facilitate a distance sale.

There are many types of proptech technology.

For example to execute a more efficient job, save costs and, therefore, receive lower commissions. Or to carry out intermediation tasks between owners and buyers, landlords and tenants...

At the moment, through our platform you can already make virtual purchases, that is, virtual visits to the property, you can send or receive offers with legal validity following a transparent and 100% valid process.

Do you know what the metaverse is?

It is a virtual universe in which you can interact through an avatar, as if you entered the matrix voluntarily or as in the last Jumanji movie. Why are we telling you this?

Because the objective of Inmoself in the future is to ensure that virtual visits are not only through a screen, but that you can completely immerse yourself in the digital experience through your VR (virtual reality) glasses.

What we want to achieve is that you can carry out the transaction of a sale in a totally legal, safe and easy way. With the certainty that you are buying what you have seen, that your money will be safe and with an entirely online process to be able to do it remotely.

The tools we offer you...

We offer you a series of proptech tools such as an online meeting room, digital signature... Also a digital lock, for example, if you go on a trip you won't have to worry about the keys anymore.

If you want to buy a property in another community or sell remotely, we offer you the way to do it online at the best possible cost, with legally binding offers, without the possibility of monetary losses.

We give you the opportunity to manage everything you need related to your guaranteed properties, legally and online.

Conclusion after SIMA Expo (proptech area)

At the SIMAExpo Madrid event we were in the Proptech area where we saw many service startups offering all kinds of services. In general, the most abundant offers are those that provide audiovisual services, especially those focused on improving the user experience at the level of knowing online properties such as 3D, virtual tour, content optimization, etc.

We have also detected that there are many proposals focused on the rental area, both rental management and comprehensive rental for profitability, real estate services around the sale or, above all, rental, both for tenants and owners.

So we have decided to focus on a proposal focused on the sale and management of real estate to foreigners Therefore, we understand that our proposal, focused on buying and selling, and foreign leads, really had no competition in the show and that is why it attracted the attention of real estate agents who moved around this area (proptech).

Do you want more advice, news, or stay up to date on related topics in the real estate sector? Don't miss any update!

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