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Proptech: The future of Real Estate

Updated: Jan 24

Por Carolina - 6 min de lectura

Technology’s potential and use is more spread in all industries at the spped of light. Day by day we increase the use of technologies and digitalize servcies getting used to them as it is now already in the education fields. Technology and digitalization arrived to Real Estate several years ago too, giving birth to the PropTech word.

Alright, what does PropTech mean?

PropTech is the combination of Property and Technology, referring to Estate rights or Estate property and Tech in the widest meaning of the word.

PropTech companies are those who take advante of digital technologies to improve a process, industry, customer experience, or the own corporate productivity and management capabilities. PropTech added value lies in the use of technologies in the different Real Estate specialization and branches.

A few examples of state-of-the-art technology features are online marketing property listing websites such are Zillow in the US or Fotocasa and Idealista in Spain, CRM software, domotics, virtual reality, photo edition.

How to use PropTech?

Now we understand what PropTech means, but let’s find out how to gather and use all these available technologies in our benefit and comfort.

You may use this tech for investment purposes with crowdfunding investment features, or Real Estate funds and REITs, for management purposes, finding a mortgage or getting statistics with free or paid online tools.

Using these tools allows improving your return of investment and know better the Real Estate market.

The Real Estate industry also includes other companies different form Real Estate brokerage firms, includes online advertising platforms, investor hubs, or csontruction adn developing companies. 3D technologies help developers and advertising firms to display the future layout and decoration of a yet-to-be-constructed property, providing an amazing tool to help increase customer’s experience and understanding of the product.

For sellers the IoT channel helps distribute and communicate the existance of our property in the market, and for buyers allows obtaining a mortgage approval before even finding a property from the comfort of your couch.

Comfort increases with smart homes and the use of technologies to manage our home lights, heating, and more which was unbelievable twenty years ago. This makes technology more and more nececssary day to day to improve our quality of life.

PropTech for selling or buying a property

We’ve decided to take advantage of technologies in our field of Real Estate becoming a PropTech company as well and joining the digital transformation trends to increase the customer experience.

Covid19 and sustainibility have been our last push to transform our vision to help clients to buy or sell a property, and supppliers and Real Estate professionals reducing physical contact, exposure, commuting, time, and pollution with the transformation of our servie delivery mode, due diligence process and pricing.

We want to gather the maximum level of comfort for both Real Estate professionals and owners who want to sell or manage on their own. We offer PropTech services in our online store, and management and Real Estate services in our intranet Our vision is to convert our PropTech hub marketplace in the first app to to sell and buy properties conducting the legal due diligence in Spain that legally binds both sides and properties with verified owners, properties, and buyers.

And only paying for the service you use, commision free. We’ve started the path, and would love you to join our community with the free registration cloud and follow-up to see if PropTech can make your life easier too.

PropTech has made our life easier, and yours?

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