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Remote door lock opening

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Save commuting time and gas, reduce pollution and open the door to the client that needs to visit your property, your friends, your tenant, or the handy man while enjoying a coffe from our office or holidays. No more stressfull key management or handing the keys over, or locking yourself out of your property and running around to open your door.

If you install the remote opening with smartphone and code, you will still be able to open with your usual key in case the power goes out.

Today, through a mobile application, and also from the computer, you can access your property, and have access control.

Service features

Remote access control and door lock opening for two locks with us from your phone or laptop.

By installing the remote door lock control device you’ll be able to control and open the door remotely from your smartphone or laptop, while keeping your original lock for regular key use as well. And building keys or fence keys are included as a second door lock control with this service.

Nowadays with the mobile app you may access and get access control features from your smartphone. Our pricing includes installation and de-installation of 2 door opening lock devices for your property and software management, so whenever you sell your property you may return the locks with no minimum subscription period required. There is a monthly service fee while using the software of 20€/m (tax included). Perfect for sellers to control access from agents, suppliers, and clients that will save you pelnty of time.

*To provide a better service you need to upload a picture of your door locks in your private client area -free signup– to make the process faster. Installation process takes around 15 days. We recommend you to get the free security assessment on your property to get an alarm quote, and in case of installing the alarm service you’ll be able to take live pictures remotely as well. This both services bundle really well for security or property viewing management, and in case of selling your property in Spain you may want to add a Licensed Real Estate single visit with report to manage your clients to a Lic Real Estate Sales Agent or Broker can conduct a professional visit including a report of how did it go that will be uploaded in your private area. In very few cases (around 10%) existing key locks are old and non-compatible with the openind device, if this is your case no worries, we’ll offer you a quote to change the lock to modern one or a full refund.

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