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Why you should invest in Spain now

The Spanish culture has a unique charm, from the flamenco dance of the south and its architectural wonders such as the Alhambra, as well as some of the most important museums and art galleries in Europe located in Madrid. The architecture of the city of Barcelona does not go unnoticed worldwide either, as it is considered the capital of modernism. Spanish gastronomy is also spectacular since we can enjoy the famous Valencian Paellas or the delicious Galician octopus.

If we were to talk about the geography of Spain, it is even more impressive since we find everything from deserts to mountains with snow or a rather warm and humid climate in the south, but in the north we can see a cooler climate.

All of this makes Spain a very attractive country for foreigners, both as investors and to come and live, which is why at Inmoself we want to encourage you to invest in this beautiful country in the safest and easiest way.

But now we are going to give you the economic reasons why it is a good idea to invest in Spain.

When you make an investment of more than €500,000, you can access the application for a golden visa, this visa gives the following benefits:

  • It allows you to work and live legally in Spain. With this we can identify the golden visa as a work permit.

  • It is the only residence permit that grants its bearer the opportunity to live for an initial 2 years in Spain.

  • In order to obtain this visa, residence in Spanish territory is not required. Let us remember that this is equivalent to residing in the country for more than 183 days a year. The golden visa only requires the applicant to travel to the country once a year.

  • The main applicant (investor), can apply at the same time as his residence permit, the residence permit of his spouse and children. That is why the investor visa is a totally recommended option for those families who want to start living in Spain.

  • To apply for the golden visa, it is not necessary for the applicant to do so physically in Spain. You can simply designate a representative to collect the relevant documentation for her or him.

Spain is in the position of the GDP is the 16th.

Large number of tourists prefer to stay in homes: Spain welcomes a large number of tourists every year. In fact, Spain is currently the third country in the world to receive international tourists, surpassed only by France and the USA. The intense inflow of foreign investment in Spain in 2015 and the good performance of international trade have also promoted a notable growth of 17.5% in business trips by foreigners to Spanish destinations. In addition, the stay in apartments and houses is gaining strength, the INE corroborates this with a report carried out in December 2015 where the figure of 113.8 million tourists in non-hotel accommodation was reached.

So if you want to invest in Spain, we make it easy for you with our system of verified users and properties. In addition to that you can make legally binding offers through our Inmoself website.

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