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Winter is coming

Tips for saving energy this winter

We are all well aware of the current situation in Europe and gas, and the drop in the Euro does not encourage much to imagine a warm winter. Now that the cold is approaching again, from Inmoself we want to help you with electricity and gas bills by giving you a series of tips to save.

  • Ventilate the house: Yes, yes, it is necessary to ventilate the house even if it is 5º outside to avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide. Fresh air is beneficial to health, so it is advisable to ventilate the house. In winter it is recommended to ventilate for about 10-15 minutes in the hottest hours of the day.

  • Thermal insulation: This is a very important point, so that the cold does not come in and the heat does not come out. If your windows and doors are well insulated, you can save up to 15% on your bill. It is also advisable to lower the blinds of the entire house at night.

  • Unused rooms: Turning off radiators in unused rooms and keeping them closed can help the room heat up much faster.

  • Decoration: It is an important issue and not only at a visual level, since the environment influences the temperature. Carpets, curtains of certain fabrics... These are other ways of keeping the heat in the home as well as giving it a cozy touch.

  • Optimize consumption: Buy low-consumption light bulbs, keep the blinds up during daylight hours, class A appliances consume less... Also keeping the heating between 19º and 21º degrees helps save much more than it seems. Each degree of more raises energy consumption by 7 percent.

  • Compare different energy companies: Changing the gas or electricity supply company may not represent any energy savings, but, in some cases, it is economic. The question is to compare the offers and choose the one that we believe is the most efficient and that best suits our energy needs.

Once you have decided whether to stay with your usual company or prefer to change, if you prefer to change you can count on our supply name change service.

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